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Become an exclusive representative of Hashboard in your city!

New business!

Media player for business. The project has been working since 2015. Your main responsibilities will include meeting with potential customers, presenting the product to them and concluding agreements. Sign up customers and receive passive income! Today over 530 customers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland use the service!

from £ 2.400
Business for businesses: media player with legal content and TV!

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Launch Hashboard in your city!

Hashboard is a software allowing businesses to seamlessly stream various content on TV screens. Business owners can broadcast reviews about their work posted in social media as well as their own ads, videos made by their partners, audios and pictures. The project was launched in September 2015 in Arkhangelsk and was named one of Russia’s 25 best start-ups by the Kazan IT-park in November of the same year. Hashboard directors took a course at Internet Initiatives Development Fund in Moscow from December 2015 to January 2016. The project became a part of the American IT-acceleration and is starting its development in the USA. Today over 530 customers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland use the service Hashboard. You have the opportunity to open a Hashboard outlet in your city! The management company makes about 10 000 Rubles from every customer in Russia (£204, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*.

  TV console Hashboard                                  Customers are actively writing reviews

Hashboard consoles are used by all kinds of businesses: cafés, hotels, fitness centres, entertainment centres, night clubs, shopping centres and other places.The project is also popular amongst various agencies organising events: weddings, anniversaries, conferences, exhibitions and so on.

   Here’s what Hashboard broadcasting looks like on a TV screen

Launch the business Hashboard in your city!

With Hashboard business owners can benefit from using TVs. They can broadcast positive reviews about their business posted on social media. It’s an effective business promotion tool!

So how does Hashboard work? Customers can see reviews about places they visit on TV screens there. Advertising on screens, posters and table tents notifies customers that their photos and videos can be broadcast there, too. For this to happen, they have to upload a review, photo or video to their social media accounts using a special hashtag. This will motivate customers: they’ll want to see themselves on the TV screen, try out a new sort of entertainment, meet other customers around them. As a result, social mediums will be thriving with positive feedback about the place of business in question (the software simply doesn’t let negative reviews through). Such feedback will contribute to business advertising whenever someone else’s friend posts a picture of a delicious dessert, tells about a nice get-together with their loved ones, shares a story of a great shopping experience or takes a selfie at a local gym. The person’s followers will see such posts and will take them as a recommendation. Hashboard statistics shows that business owners get 10-20 positive reviews on social media every day!

    Managing a personal account with reviews from social mediums

Regular TV streaming doesn’t always offer the best content. Besides, TV channels are loaded with commercials that don’t bring any profit to business owners. With Hashboard entrepreneurs can legally stream a number of TV channels (10 channels in total: food, music, sports, travel, news) and music (200 000 tracks). The company Hashboard has a right to public streaming, so its partners don’t have to pay fees to various authorities!

     Music streaming settings couldn’t be simpler! 200 000 tracks and over 100 compilations suitable for any event!

Business owners can show their own promotional videos to their customers, which is much more effective than printed advertising. And if entrepreneurs broadcast videos made by their partners, they can get extra profit! Hashboard statistics shows that an average business owner increases their earnings by 17% during the first 3 months of using the software.

     An easy-to-use planner allows business owners to schedule broadcasts at convenient times a whole week in advance!

Launch Hashboard in your city!

You will receive a reliable product that is in demand in various countries. You don't need to rent a space and there are very few investments (your customers will purchase the equipment themselves!). What you’ll have to do is meet with potential customers, present the product and sign agreements. With the management company’s marketing kit and sales scripts running the business will be easy. The management company will set up Hashboard software for your customers remotely. Every customer will be paying you a monthly fee (passive income)!

Creative director of the bar Edison in Arkhangelsk talks about Hashboard

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The starting package includes documentation set, landing page design, advertising materials, access to the dealer page on the project website, etc. Every dealer gets the exclusive right to represent the franchise in their city. Offer an interesting and convenient service to the business owners in your city! The management company makes about 10 000 Rubles from every customer in Russia (£204, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*.

Creative director of the bar and restaurant Paratov in Arkhangelsk talks about Hashboard
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Interested? Then see other information about the business! You’ll find profits calculation, starting package contents and a video interview where the founder of the project, Vladimir Gladkikh, talks about the product and the peculiarities of the business.


Next to profits calculation!


*Whether or not your business is successful depends on your own hard work. The price provided in GBP reflects the date when the calculations were made as well as the relevant Big Mac Index.

Prices in Russia and in the UK differ. For you to understand the potential of the business we used the Big Mac Index in our calculations (the cost of a Big Mac). A Big Mac consists of a number of goods (bread, cheese, meat and vegetables) so it could be considered a clear reflection of the national economy. Of course, it’s not the best way of comparing the pricing in different countries but it can give you a general idea.

As of January 2017 a Big Mac costs £1.78 in Russia and £2.99 in the UK. The difference equals 42.3%. This is why Bonplan raises the cost of Russian services for the UK by 42.3%.

Judging by the operation of Hashboard in Russia, after 11* months of running the business a dealer will set up the service in 23* places of business if they approach - - - potential customers. On average, every customer brings 10 000 Rubles (£204, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index*). If you land 23* customers, your profits should amount to £4 692*, considering the Big Mac Index. Bear in mind that you’ll be able to set prices for your customers yourself. You may want to set a higher price for your services in the UK. It’s up to you.

* Results are not guaranteed and depend on your hard work.

Important: we don’t take into account the number of small business for every 1000 people. However, this criterion is much higher in the UK than it is in Russia, which signifies a greater potential of the business.

Your expenses will include a service fee to the management company (25% from proceeds), office rent, payroll, taxes. If you will be working on your own, you can exclude rental and payroll expenses from the list. However, there may be other expenses that you will have to take care of.

IMPORTANT! The cost of the package and all calculations are approximate. For your convenience all figures are provided in the GBP according to the currency exchange rates at the day of publication of this information. Real calculations will be made in the US Dollars according to the currency exchange rates that will be relevant at the day of the transaction.


How to start next


The calculations are based on the data received from the management company. The provided data does not guarantee the success of your business. It is always up to you to make your business successful.

In order to begin our collaboration, we have to sign the agreement first. You will be able to start your training on the day following the purchase of the partner certificate. The training will be provided in the English language. You will receive the access to the private partner page on the management company website as well as the other contents of the starting package 1-2 days after the purchase of the partner certificate. Once you sign the agreement it takes about 1 week to start up.

The contents of the starting package (from £ 2.400):


 Exclusive right to open a Dealer outlet.

 Dealer training.

 Access to the private partner page on  the management company website.

 Documentation set: commercial proposals, agreement forms, guidelines, sales script.

 Landing page (for every product).

 Layouts of advertising materials in digital format.

 Marketing kit.

 Access to Hashboard apps with the option to create personal accounts for customers of the dealer and track their progress/statistics.


Interview with the founder of the project Hashboard, Vladimir Gladkikh

Call us!

+44 2070 437 177 (London, the UK)

Ask a question, we're online!


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Connecting the console Hashboard to your TV (VIDEO)!

Connecting the console Hashboard to a TV couldn’t be simpler. You have to connect both of the devices with an HDML cable, then connect the console to power and turn it on. You’ll need a keyboard and a mouse as well as Wi-Fi access. All done! It takes just a couple of minutes. Even a child could set it all up! New videos about Hashboard are on the way!

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