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Become an exclusive representative of Freewash!

New business!

Mobile app for scheduling car washes. You’ll get a ready-to-go software. Your task will be to register car washes for the app Freewash (passive income!). The company was founded in 2014. Freewash outlets are opened in over 50 cities of Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

from £ 2.400
Mobile app for the convenience of customers!

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Become an exclusive representative of Freewash!

The app Freewash is a service for scheduling car washes. With the help of an interactive map in their phones customers can select a car wash that best suits them in regards of location, pricing and the number of services it provides. Customers can then schedule a car wash at a convenient time and receive the service without having to queue up for it. The app can be installed in iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It works on any smartphone or tablet.

The layouts of advertising materials are included in the starting package!

The idea to launch the service Freewash came to the founders in February, 2014. They analysed the work of multiple car washes and consumers around the country. It was discovered that both end users and car wash providers would be interested in Freewash. Today the app functions in more than 50 cities of Russia. Car wash representatives work in Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Over 1 000 car washes use the service Freewash. The management company makes about 11 000 Rubles a month* from every registered car wash in Russia (£222, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*.

   A customer sees all the registered car washes and details about every one of them

The app automatically calculates the distance to the car wash of the user’s choice and provides the information about the cost, additional services, address, opening hours, payment methods. When scheduling a car wash, a customer can select a suitable time and book the service. Within 10 minutes they will receive a free text message with the confirmation of their booking. Freewash allows its customers to save time which is a necessity in big cities. It also provides additional comfort to the consumers from small towns.

A customer selects a convenient time and receives a text message with the confirmation of their booking

What car washes get for a small fee is additional advertising, a convenient records keeping system, a 24/7 call centre reminding customers of their bookings, a loyalty programme, customer phone numbers for the database, etc.. Due to automation of all processes, the client base of every car wash provider will be increasing by 10-15% a month!

Car washes receive advertising, call centre, loyalty programme, etc.

Become an exclusive representative of Freewash! Considering rapid development of IT and increasing number of car purchases, Freewash is a very prospective business. It’s a great solution for those individuals who value their time. All booking processes are automated. You won’t have to hire additional staff or rent an office space. All you have to do is register car washes in the app and charge them a small monthly fee (passive income from every registered car wash!).

Apart from the software itself, the starting package will include training (technical support + marketing), layouts of advertising materials, documentation set. Depending on the population in your country, you can get the exclusive right to open an outlet in a certain city, region or the whole country!

   Car washes are managed with the help of a convenient personal account

This part of the market hasn’t developed properly yet, but the demand for the product among car wash owners and consumers can’t be denied. If you launch Freewash now, you’ll have the opportunity to become a leader in the market of your region. The management company makes about 11 000 Rubles a month* from every registered car wash in Russia (£222, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*.

Interested? Then see other information about the business! You’ll find profits calculation, starting package contents and a video interview where the founder of the project, Yurii Krasulin, talks about the product and the peculiarities of the business.

Next to profits calculation!


*Whether or not your business is successful depends on your own hard work. The price provided in GBP reflects the date when the calculations were made as well as the relevant Big Mac Index.


Prices in Russia and in the UK differ. For you to understand the potential of the business we used the Big Mac Index in our calculations (the cost of a Big Mac). A Big Mac consists of a number of goods (bread, cheese, meat and vegetables) so it could be considered a clear reflection of the national economy. Of course, it’s not the best way of comparing the pricing in different countries but it can give you a general idea.

As of January 2017 a Big Mac costs £1.78 in Russia and £2.99 in the UK. The difference equals 42.3%. This is why Bonplan raises the cost of Russian services for the UK by 42.3%.

Judging by the operation of Freewash in Russia, after 6* months of running the business a dealer will register 60* car washes in the app (once they approach 150 potential customers). On average, every customer pays 2 000 Rubles a month (£40, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index*). If you land 60* customers, your profits should amount to £2 400 a month*, considering the Big Mac Index. Bear in mind that you’ll be able to set prices for your customers yourself. You may want to set a higher price for your services in the UK. It’s up to you.

* Results are not guaranteed and depend on your hard work.

Important: we don’t take into account the number of small business for every 1000 people. However, this criterion is much higher in the UK than it is in Russia, which signifies a greater potential of the business.

Your expenses will include a service fee to the management company (5% from turnover, but no less than  £65 a month), office rent, payroll, taxes. If you will be working on your own, you can exclude rental and payroll expenses from the list. However, there may be other expenses that you will have to take care of.

IMPORTANT! The cost of the package and all calculations are approximate. For your convenience all figures are provided in the GBP according to the currency exchange rates at the day of publication of this information. Real calculations will be made in the US Dollars according to the currency exchange rates that will be relevant at the day of the transaction.


How to start next


The calculations are based on the data received from the management company. The provided data does not guarantee the success of your business. It is always up to you to make your business successful.

In order to begin our collaboration, we have to sign the agreement first. You will be able to start your training on the day following the purchase of the partner certificate. You will receive the access to the private partner page on the management company website as well as the other contents of the starting package 1-2 days after the purchase of the partner certificate. Once you sign the agreement it takes about 1 week to start up.

The contents of the starting package (from £ 2.400):

 The right to open a dealer outlet.

 Training of the employees authorised by the Dealer to conduct the management company business in the volume agreed by the parties.

 Layouts of advertising materials.

 Documentation set: commercial proposals, agreement forms, guidelines.

Interview with a co-founder of the company Freewash, Yurii Krasulin
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+44 2070 437 177 (London, the UK)

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Bonplan interviews a co-founder of the service Freewash (VIDEO)

Yurii Krasulin talks about the mobile app Freewash used for scheduling car washes. The service works in more than 50 Russian cities as well as in Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Over 1 500 car washes offer their services through the app.

According to Yurii, a Freewash representative receives technical and commercial guidelines. The management company will also set up the app for them.

Yurii points out that the company analysed the market and discovered that there were no similar apps in Europe. The number of consumers constantly increases with car purchases. However, the car wash market is developing quite slowly. The app Freewash leads to automation of scheduling a car wash which makes the whole process faster.

The interview is taken by Damir Yabbarov.

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