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Open a school of mental arithmetic in your city!

New business!

Open your own mental arithmetic school with the assistance of the company Pifagorka! Training programmes for teachers, a game simulator for students and all-round support from the company Pifagorka that opened approximately 100 mental development schools in Russia and abroad!

from £ 2.700
Ancient teaching methodology in a modern format!

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Open a mental development school under your own brand name!

Teach mental arithmetic to children! This methodology is incredibly popular today. You can hire teachers or study the methodology and then teach students yourself! Today more than 100 partners sell the franchise Pifagorka in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan. The management company makes about 4 000 Rubles a month from every course attendee in Russia (£80, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*

   Over 100 schools Pifagorka operate in Russia and its neighbouring countries

Mental arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that allows students to perform calculations in their mind at the speed of a calculator using imaginary abaci. The methodology goes back 2000 years. According to it, when a child learns to do simple maths using counting frames (abacus, soroban), it stimulates the activity of both of their hemispheres. By the end of the course the child will be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide three- and four-digit numbers in their mind. Students are taught in groups of 8. Each child studies at their own comfortable pace. The programme lasts approximately 8-24 months. Apart from mental arithmetic, classes cover other exercises: eye and posture gymnastics, memory and concentration development.

The head of the school Pifagorka, Aleksandr Matiushichev, talks about the peculiarities of mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic classes will allow children to solve equations in their mind, increase their reading speed, improve their concentration, hearing and perception skills, increase their mental potential, improve their memory, think creatively, make their own decisions, etc.. Parents quickly notice the progress their children make. It is due to the high efficiency of the methodology that the chain Pifagorka is so rapidly developing in Russia and abroad.

A teacher from the school Pifagorka talks about the company’s experience in hosting mental arithmetic contests

Open a mental development school under your own brand name! To open the school you will need a classroom space of at least 15 sq m as well as an office space of 10 sq m. The company Pifagorka will provide you with a complex online training, access to the knowledge base and 2-month after-training support. This will allow you to have a successful launch and then run the business smoothly. You will have the exclusive right to run the business in the specified territory valid for 6 months. All documentation and other materials have been translated into the English language.

   Calculations using counting frames (abacus, soroban) stimulate the activity of both hemispheres of the human brain

Be the first to open a mental development school in your city! Pifagorka is a useful activity for children as well as a great business model. Grow and develop using the company’s guidelines that allowed Pifagorka to open a number of schools in Russia and other countries! The management company makes about 4 000 Rubles a month from every course attendee in Russia (£80, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*.

   The size of a classroom doesn’t have to be larger than 15 sq m

Interested? Then see other information about the business! You’ll find profits calculation, starting package contents and a video interview where the head of the school PIfagorka, Aleksandr Matiushichev, talks about the product and the peculiarities of the business.


Next to profits calculation!


*Whether or not your business is successful depends on your own hard work. The price provided in GBP reflects the date when the calculations were made as well as the relevant Big Mac Index.

Prices in Russia and in the UK differ. For you to understand the potential of the business we used the Big Mac Index in our calculations (the cost of a Big Mac). A Big Mac consists of a number of goods (bread, cheese, meat and vegetables) so it could be considered a clear reflection of the national economy. Of course, it’s not the best way of comparing the pricing in different countries but it can give you a general idea.

As of January 2017 a Big Mac costs £1.78 in Russia and £2.99 in the UK. The difference equals 42.3%. This is why Bonplan raises the cost of Russian services for the UK by 42.3%.

Judging by the operation of Pifagorka in Russia, after 8* months of running the business you will have 52* students. Average cost of a course is 4 000 Rubles a month* (£80, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index*). If 52 students attend classes at your school, your profits should amount to £4 160 a month*, considering the Big Mac Index. Bear in mind that you’ll be able to set prices for your customers yourself. You may want to set a higher price for your services in the UK. It’s up to you.

* Results are not guaranteed and depend on your hard work.

Important: we don’t take into account the level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. This criterion is much higher in the UK than it is in Russia, which signifies a greater potential of the business.

Your expenses will include office rent, payroll, taxes. If you will be working on your own, you can exclude rental and payroll expenses from the list. However, there may be other expenses that you will have to take care of.

IMPORTANT! The cost of the package and all calculations are approximate. For your convenience all figures are provided in the GBP according to the currency exchange rates at the day of publication of this information. Real calculations will be made in the US Dollars according to the currency exchange rates that will be relevant at the day of the transaction.


How to start next


The calculations are based on the data received from the management company. The provided data does not guarantee the success of your business. It is always up to you to make your business successful.

In order to begin our collaboration, we have to sign the agreement first. Once you pay for the starting package you will receive documentation, layouts of advertising materials and study materials in digital format. Your first training via Skype will also take place after you make the payment. Once you sign the agreement it takes about a week to open your school, considering you rent a space and hire teachers in advance.

The contents of the starting package (from £ 2 700):

 Exclusive right valid for 6 months. The management company shall not provide consulting services to other potential partners in the territory specified in the Certificate during 6 months after the signing of the agreement.

 Complex online training.

 Access to the knowledge base. The guaranteed access term is 1 year after the signing of the partnership agreement.

 2-month post-training support (after the launch of the business), provided via email.


Interview with the founder of the mental arithmetic school Pifagorka, Aleksandr Matiushichev

Call us!

+44 2070 437 177 (London, the UK)

Ask a question, we're online!


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Bonplan interviews the founder of the mental arithmetic school Pifagorka (VIDEO)

Aleksandr Matiushichev tells Bonplan that his school was opened in 2014. The management company runs 5 branches of the school in 2 Russian cities, and over 100 partners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan run dealer outlets Pifagorka.

According to Aleksandr, foreign dealers will receive guidelines on running the business, mental arithmetic methodologies, access to study materials (videos and texts), dealer support available in English, German, French and Spanish.

The founder of the school also talks about mental arithmetic. It’s a methodology of mental development that originated in Japan and China. Studying mental arithmetic allows children to improve their memory and concentration. Their parents quickly notice their progress. Due to the high effectiveness of the methodology Pifagorka school chain is rapidly growing in Russia and its neighbouring countries. Dealers see that their work brings great results.

Aleksandr points out that 3 classrooms in a small Russian city Cherepovets (200 000 ppl) bring proceeds in the amount of 700 000 Rubles to the management company (about £9 895), as of September, 2017. The size of a classroom can be just 15 sq m. Lately, other schools have been requesting the company Pifagorka to provide its services to their students. The company also hosts national contests among students of different ages, which is one of its competitive advantages.

The interview is taken by Ilnur Akhmerov.

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