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Launch your own plastic card production!

New business!

Production of plastic cards with the assistance of the company Cardzavod that has signed over 210 consulting agreements in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The company was founded in 2008.  Apply a 200% margin on products! 2 employees will be able to produce up to 50 000 plastic cards a month.

from £ 2.900
Business from one of the leading plastic card manufacturers in Russia!

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Launch your plastic card production according to the business model of a leader in the Russian market!

Sell a product that is in demand everywhere in the world. Produce plastic cards with the consulting and unique software of the company Cardzavod. You can apply a 200% margin on products. A reliable business scheme will allow you to hire just 2 employees and produce 50 000 cards a month. Cardzavod company has signed over 210 consulting agreements in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

   2 employees can produce up to 50 000 plastic cards a month!

Launch plastic card production under your own brand name!

Founded in 2008, the company Cardzavod specialises in plastic card production. The company is a leader in card production in small and medium batches in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Cardzavod offers most of the popular card types that are currently on the market. The company can help you organise and launch your own plastic card production!

You will be able to produce most of the plastic cards that are in demand today: discount, bonus and gift cards, cardkeys, badges, business cards and many others. The company Cardzavod will share its astounding experience with you and support you every step of the way!

How to launch a business following the business model Cardzavod?

Look inside your wallet. You probably have 10-15 plastic cards in it. Everyone has them nowadays, because no modern business can survive without plastic cards. Retail shops and chains concentrate on customer attraction and retention more and more, they want to stand out amongst competitors, which is why they order more cards. You will be able to deliver those cards to them. The target audience is huge! You can work with end users (companies) or with wholesale card providers. Today over 210 business partners in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus use the cards produced by the company Cardzavod!

Cardzavod produces most of the popular card types that are currently on the market

To start working, you will need to rent a space of 30-40 sq m. The starting package includes complex online training, access to the knowledge base (description of the company’s experience as well as a list of equipment and consumables providers) and 2-month post-training support. This will allow you to have a successful launch and then run the business smoothly. All the necessary documentation has been translated into English. During the training you will learn how to produce plastic cards. You will also be introduced to the business model that the company and its business partners successfully employ. You can also rent unique Cardzavod software.

   Unique Cardzavod software

Be the first to launch Cardzavod production in your country! You have an incredible opportunity to offer a high quality popular product to the people of your city. Learn from the experience of the company Cardzavod and follow its reliable business model! The management company is headquartered in a small city in Russia. Its monthly profit amounts to about 500 000 Rubles (£9 883*, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index).

Producing plastic cards according to the business model Cardzavod is simple!

Interested? Then see other information about the business! You’ll find profits calculation, starting package contents and a video interview where the head of the project, Ramil Gariev, talks about the company Cardzavod and how its business partners benefit from the collaboration.


Next to profits calculation!


*Whether or not your business is successful depends on your own hard work. The price provided in GBP reflects the date when the calculations were made as well as the relevant Big Mac Index.

Prices in Russia and in the UK differ. For you to understand the potential of the business we used the Big Mac Index in our calculations (the cost of a Big Mac). A Big Mac consists of a number of goods (bread, cheese, meat and vegetables) so it could be considered a clear reflection of the national economy. Of course, it’s not the best way of comparing the pricing in different countries but it can give you a general idea.

As of January 2017 a Big Mac costs £1.78 in Russia and £2.99 in the UK. The difference equals 42.3%. This is why Bonplan raises the cost of Russian services for the UK by 42.3%.

Judging by the operation of Cardzavod in Russia, after 6* months of running the business a dealer will sign contracts with 3-6 new customers a month and will produce 25 thousand plastic cards for sale.

Since we’re talking about wholesale, the average cost of a card is 6.5 Roubles (£0.13, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index). However, you’ll be able to set prices on cards for your customers yourself. You may want to set a higher price for your services in the UK. It’s up to you.
You will be able to sell cards yourself or build your own franchising chain with the assistance and consultations of the company Cardzavod. In Russia the margin on cards sold to dealers amounts to 100%. 10% of all the cards are produced and sold by the management company itself, without the help of its business partners. Today, Cardzavod produces circa 100 000 plastic cards a month. Monthly profit of an outlet amounts to about 500 000 Rubles (£9 883*, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index). The production area takes up the space of 40 sq m.
* Results are not guaranteed and depend on your hard work.
Important: we don’t take into account the average cost of a plastic card in the UK. This criterion is much higher in the UK than it is in Russia, which signifies a greater potential of the business.
Your expenses will include office rent, payroll, consumables, taxes. However, there may be other expenses that you will have to take care of.
IMPORTANT! The cost of the package and all calculations are approximate. For your convenience all figures are provided in the GBP according to the currency exchange rates at the day of publication of this information. Real calculations will be made in the US Dollars according to the currency exchange rates that will be relevant at the day of the transaction.

How to start next


The calculations are based on the data received from the management company. The provided data does not guarantee the success of your business. It is always up to you to make your business successful.


In order to begin our collaboration, we have to sign the agreement first. Within 5 business days after the payment for the starting package you will receive documentation, guidelines on launching the business and study materials in digital format. Your first training via Skype will also take place after you make the payment. While the equipment is being shipped to you (1-1.5 months), you will be able to take the training and then launch the business.

The contents of the starting package (from £ 2 900):

   Exclusive right valid for 6 months. The management company shall not provide consulting services to other potential partners in the territory specified in the Certificate during 6 months after the signing of the agreement.

   Complex online training. Cardzavod specialists will provide you with the necessary training online. However, if you wish, you can visit Cardzavod production in Russia to have a first-hand experience there. Cardzavod specialists will find a hotel for you and provide a transfer from the airport of the city Cherepovets to the hotel and back. This service is not included in the price of the starting package and will cost you additional £1 500 (you will have to pay for the accommodation and the flights yourself).

   Access to the knowledge base. The guaranteed access term is 1 year after the signing of the partnership agreement.

   2-month post-training support (after the launch of the business), provided via email.


Interview with the head of the project Cardzavod, Ramil Gariev

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+44 2070 437 177 (London, the UK)

Ask a question, we're online!


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Bonplan interviews the head of the company Cardzavod (VIDEO)
According to Ramil Gariev the company Cardzavod was founded in 2008. Cardzavod produces all types of plastic cards, apart from bank cards. The company has signed over 210 consulting agreements.
Ramil claims that the company is one of the leaders in card production in small and medium batches. Partners of Cardzavod can produce about 50 000 cards a month. Just 2 employees can do that at a production site of 30-40 sq m. The business requires minimal investments and is a great source of profit. Today, the company produces 100 000 plastic cards a month and gets a monthly profit of about 500 000 Rubles (approximately £6 945).
The head of Cardzavod points out that the company’s partners come from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Potential business partners from Kyrgyzstan and Armenia are negotiating to join the company. Cardzavod training and consulting allow partners to launch production anywhere in the world.
Cardzavod partners will receive online training as well as the company’s knowledge base that includes guidelines on production, sales, building a dealer chain, etc. The management company provides business partners with 2-month post-training support. 
The interview is taken by Damir Yabbarov.

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