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Become an exclusive representative of REG.FM in your city!

New business!

Service for event organisers. Registration for events using any social medium and free badge printing for attendees in just 2 seconds! Today over 270 events have been arranged by 184 organisers with the help of REG.FM. Business was first launched in Russia.

from £ 2.800
New direction in event industry!

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Become an exclusive representative of REG.FM!

REG.FM is a service allowing event organisers to simplify registration process for attendees as well as provide an effective way to interact with other attendees and exchange contact details with them. With REG.FM event planners can create a website for their event and sell tickets to attendees! The idea of launching the business first came to the founder in 2013. The project’s active development started in 2014. The main goal was to help event participants to find each other on social media rather quickly. Online registration using QR-codes via any social medium and instant badge printing became a perfect solution! The project REG.FM quickly found a positive response among event organisers in Russia. Today over 4000 participants from 24 cities registered for events using the service. They are now following event planners on social media and have exchanged contacts with other attendees. Meanwhile, event organisers made a good profit! You can launch the project REG.FM in your city as well! The management company makes about 69 200 Rubles from every event in Russia (£1 411, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*

   Attendees scan the QR-code on their phones and register for the event via social media. It takes 2 minutes to print badges!

REG.FM is a media novelty for organisers of various events (conferences, presentations, exhibitions, etc.). The service attracts new followers to event planners’ social media pages and allows the latter to publish event programmes and other important information in the app! Event attendees can make new acquaintances and subscribe to pages of planners and organisers, in order to receive updates on new events in their city! At least 55% of event attendees will follow social media pages of your customers. The service allows organisers to register 100% of event participants which is something not every REG.FM competitor can pride themselves on.

   At least 55% of event attendees will follow social media pages of your customers

Launch the project REG.FM in your city! You will become a representative of a new business for the people in the event industry! Your main goal will be to find customers interested in the service REG.FM. They will be paying for events, thus bringing you income! Following the marketing plan and development strategy in the territory, you will find customers easily! And REG.FM managers will assist you, should you face any difficulties.

You will receive the exclusive right to open an outlet in your city as well as other advantages of the starting package: documentation set, marketing plan, development strategy in the territory, personal account on the management company website, and, of course, a personal manager to assist you every step of the way. Offer a new event format for the businesses in your city! The management company makes about 69 200 Rubles from every event in Russia (£1 411, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index)*

   REG.FM increases the organisation standard of any event!

Interested? Then see other information about the business! You’ll find profits calculation, starting package contents and a video interview where the founder of the project, Faem Akhmetzianov, talks about the product and the peculiarities of the business.


Next to profits calculation!


*Whether or not your business is successful depends on your own hard work. The price provided in GBP reflects the date when the calculations were made as well as the relevant Big Mac Index.

Prices in Russia and in the UK differ. For you to understand the potential of the business we used the Big Mac Index in our calculations (the cost of a Big Mac). A Big Mac consists of a number of goods (bread, cheese, meat and vegetables) so it could be considered a clear reflection of the national economy. Of course, it’s not the best way of comparing the pricing in different countries but it can give you a general idea.

As of January 2017 a Big Mac costs £1.78 in Russia and £2.99 in the UK. The difference equals 42.3%. This is why Bonplan raises the cost of Russian services for the UK by 42.3%.

Judging by the operation of REG.FM in Russia, after 7* months of running the business a dealer will arrange registration for 6* events. Average cost of an event is 69 200 Rubles* (£1 411, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index*). If you host 6* events a month, your profits should amount to £8 466*, considering the Big Mac Index. Bear in mind that you’ll be able to set prices for your customers yourself. You may want to set a higher price for your services in the UK. It’s up to you.

* Results are not guaranteed and depend on your hard work.

Important: we don’t take into account the number of small business for every 1000 people. However, this criterion is much higher in the UK than it is in Russia, which signifies a greater potential of the business.

Your expenses will include a service fee to the management company (20% from proceeds), expenses on arranging 6 events (£3 206*, if we base calculations on the Big Mac Index), office rent, payroll, taxes. If you will be working on your own, you can exclude rental and payroll expenses from the list. However, there may be other expenses that you will have to take care of.

IMPORTANT! The cost of the package and all calculations are approximate. For your convenience all figures are provided in the GBP according to the currency exchange rates at the day of publication of this information. Real calculations will be made in the US Dollars according to the currency exchange rates that will be relevant at the day of the transaction.


How to start next


The calculations are based on the data received from the management company. The provided data does not guarantee the success of your business. It is always up to you to make your business successful.


In order to begin our collaboration, we have to sign the agreement first. You will be able to start your training on the day following the purchase of the partner certificate.  You will receive the access to the private partner page on the management company website as well as the other contents of the starting package 1-2 days after the purchase of the partner certificate. Once you sign the agreement it takes about 4 weeks to start up.

The contents of the starting package (from £ 2 800):

 The exclusive right to open an outlet REG.FM in the territory specified in the agreement.

 Documentation set: guidelines on negotiations, guidelines on business meetings, guidelines on concluding agreements, agreement forms valid in the Russian Federation, materials for presentations and negotiations (commercial proposals, product descriptions, work principles and conditions).

 Marketing plan and development strategy in the territory.

Personal account on the management company website.

 Personal manager to assist with the development of the region.


Interview with the founder of the company REG.FM, Faem Akhmetzianov.

Call us!

+44 2070 437 177 (London, the UK)

Ask a question, we're online!


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Bonplan interviews the founder of the company REG.FM (VIDEO)

According to Faem Akhmetzianov, the service REG.FM simplifies registration process for attendees of business events and allows them to exchange contact details. The company works all over Russia and has arranged registration for over 80 events. Faem says that the project is 95% ready to be launched abroad.

Event organisers who want to make registration process simpler pay a fee for using the service. Faem points out that the main advantage of events today, apart from their programme, is new business connections. And it’s exactly what REG.FM offers - the opportunity to exchange and save new business contacts. Dealers can set prices themselves. Their main goal is to sell the product and provide assistance at the events their customers host. Dealers will receive all necessary documentation in the English language. Dealer training and support will be provided in English as well.

According to the founder of REG.FM, the company’s competitors can only register 30-40% of event attendees, while the service REG.FM covers 100% of them.

The interview is taken by Damir Yabbarov.

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