Many devices such as desktop computers, cooling systems or laptops tend to overheat while in operation. This temperature is controlled by an extruded heat sink, which can be made of aluminum or other materials.

Most of these devices generate heat while they are in use or in operation, so it is necessary to control the heat levels so as not to saturate the temperature and compromise the equipment.

Heat sinks were made to be able to control high temperatures, so it is important to know what they are and what they are for.

What is a heat sink?

Any industrial cooling system provides certain solutions to conserve and protect tools and equipment from heat generation. From a refrigerator to a laptop must have a cooling system to be able to control the temperature levels while they are in operation.

To be able to carry out this control, it is necessary to have an essential component and that is the heat sink. It is a part or component that is responsible for extracting heat from a fluid and takes it to another space.

The heat sink is basically an instrument that is responsible for reducing the overheating that can cause the components of a computer, a refrigerator, or any device that requires electricity to operate.

Whether it is an extruded heat sink or any other model, they are used to reduce the temperature of various electronic components, which is produced during use.

How does a heat sink work?

There are many types of heat sinks, mostly depending on what type of device it will be installed in, or the type of manufacturing material. For example, it is possible to find copper heat sinks and extruded aluminum heat sinks on the market.

Regardless of the material of manufacture, or in which system it will be installed, a heat sink basically functions as a heat exchanger, which fulfills the mechanism of transmitting heat from the hotter source to a cooler source.

In a computer, for example, a heat sink, through its parts, usually made of aluminum, transfers the heat by spreading it outwards, so that the air flow through its fins can easily dissipate the heat generated.

Any device that is in operation, will make all its electronic components begin to generate heat, because the electrons come into contact with the duct, the heat sink, either an aluminum extruded heat sink, or any type, cools the equipment so that its heat does not saturate and overheat.

Today with so much technology, equipment and devices demand more components, generating much more heat, which is why the heat sink has become an important piece, to avoid overheating and compromising the health of the devices.

Knowing what a heat sink is, whether it is an extruded heat sink or any other is necessary, especially to protect the equipment in your home, office or even industrial level, to ensure that they have a much longer life and do not need to be constantly repaired or buy new equipment so often.

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