When talking about commercial interior design, you’ve probably heard phrases like LED linear lighting. This is a lighting system generally used in commercial areas, so we recommend you to see details about it, what it is, and for which spaces it is used.

The LED light is the protagonist in this type of lighting, for being very efficient, and durable, and for its low levels of energy consumption. Since its appearance, it has revolutionized the field of decoration and design, for its versatility, and ecological and even economic benefits.

Regardless of whether it is a low bay or high bay light, LED technology is always present, in any type of lamp, area, or space. The benefits can be taken advantage of in the industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

However, when we talk about LED linear lighting, we are referring to commercial spaces that previously were very difficult to illuminate or the light was not really used to its best advantage, either in the work area or in the exhibition area, sales showcases, etc.

Today LED technology is very versatile for all kinds of lengths, spaces, dim, very bright, and in different shapes, adaptable for different areas.

LED linear light bay as a lighting solution

Before the advent of LED lighting and the LED linear light bay, it was very complex to create lighting strategies for long commercial spaces, such as office corridors, stores, and even warehouses.

For a long time large industrial bulbs were used, but with the need for more economical and efficient lighting systems, linear lighting appeared as an alternative that was not only more efficient, but also much more aesthetically pleasing.

Creating continuous lighting was not even a possibility in the past, always leaving one space well lit and the next a little dark. The LED linear lighting began to have a significant demand to provide a solution to such problems, becoming a proposal with more advanced technology and eliminating the rustic appearance of conventional housings.

Advantages of LED linear high bay lighting

The LED linear high bay lighting offers several advantages at commercial level that can be taken advantage of for commercial spaces of large areas.


LED linear high bay lighting undoubtedly operates very efficiently and its low power consumption represents significant savings on utility bills. The fact that it has a very long lifespan, it does not require constant replacement of bulbs, which also translates into lower costs.

Easy to replace

This type of lighting is very easy to install and uninstall, so replacing the lamp or LED bulb will only take a few minutes, so you will not have to occupy an employee for a long time or the space will remain dark for a long time.


Linear LED lighting is very versatile because it allows you to use different applications and fixtures related to commercial lighting. In addition, it allows light to be evenly distributed throughout the space, especially when it comes to aisles in stores or in warehouses where there are shelves.

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